I work with, or have delivered training, consultancy or educational materials to organisations such as the following (in addition to schools and local authorities):

Latest feedback from Children in Scotland conference workshop:

Feedback from a workshop on Sexting, delivered at a Policy Hub Scotland conference:

Feedback from a webinar on ‘Online Safety Research’ delivered on behalf of South West Grid for Learning / UK Safer Internet Centre:

Initial feedback from Online Safety & Digital Citizenship training for the national Safeguarders Panel:

Feedback from Online Safety Live briefings I co-delivered across Scotland, on behalf of the UK Safer Internet Centre:

“The presentation was technically excellent and speakers were great, I really enjoyed it, thank you.” 
“This was an excellent presentation given by the two speakers. It gave me a great up-date on the dangers and how to protect yourself and young people from the internet. Thank You.” 
“Training was excellent. Enjoyed the range of information shared and the access to further information. Thank you” 
“This training session was fantastic. It was well organised and the speakers were very engaging. I feel that I was able to take away lots of information, as well as hints and tips to implement at my own school.” 
“A fantastic event, the quick spin through everything, knowing I can follow up specifics later, was ideal, thoroughly engaging presenters and a really good use of 2 hours. Thank you very much”

Feedback on Introduction to Digital Citizenship event:

Feedback on digital citizenship training

Feedback from this one-day online safety training course I deliver on behalf of Children in Scotland

“Very informative, engaging course. Covered tons of extremely important aspects of e-safety” 
“Great pace of enthusiasm well done” 
“Loved interactive session.”  
“Helpful and relevant” 
“Jess is a great facilitator whom was engaging throughout the session” “This is a topic which can be very ‘heavy’ but it was presented in an interesting and engaging way” 
“Super course – really enjoyed it thanks!” 
“Has given me resources to help explain why we need an internet policy and how to develop one” 
% of participants who marked excellent/good:
– Course content: 95%
– Course materials: 100%
– Trainer knowledge: 100%
– Trainer delivery: 100%
– How do you feel this event will benefit you in your job? (Extremely/very): 90%

Feedback on school events (pupils, staff and parents):

High school: Thanks for coming last night, Jess you were great
Primary school: Thank you so much for all your input last week. I thought that the parent event was pitched just right to get over some of the issues that children may encounter while using the internet but equally making them aware of the different uses of the internet that young people have access to.